Brawlers Bring Home a Win!


Coming off of a disappointing 3rd place finish in the Cedar River Rumble tournament in August, the Brawlers were hungry for a win. The next adversary in line: the closely matched Mid State Sisters of Skate B team, the BamB!s.

On September 8th, 2012 two large vans stuffed with derby girls, super fans, and smelly gear traveled 5+ hours north to Stevens Point, WI. The team used this time to strategize bond, and laugh, anything to avoid missing Captain Bruise Hound and skater Occupational Hazard, who were both unable to make the trip. Also missing from the line-up that night would be vet blocker Morganized Chaos who is recovering from an injury and, instead, supported her team as a bench assistant.

This is the first time the two teams have played each other, so knowing little of the opposition Coach Flash prepared the skaters to play on their own terms, readying the team for anything. Proving a successful strategy, the Brawlers bested the BamB!s, 143-110.

Spectators described the bout as exciting and hard hitting. It was anyone’s game throughout, but the Brawlers never once lost the lead. Go-to BamB!s jammer Zha Zha had a 13 point power jam mid first period that brought them within striking distance, only 7 points behind. Brawler blockers remained focused and allowed only 12 points to slip through in the next 6 jams. Toothy Hilt, Brawlers jammer, answered back, closing the period with a strong 14 point power jam, the highest of the night. It put them up 38 points.

The second period saw more of the same. BamB!s jammer, Jalyssa Militia took advantage of a few power jams, scoring a total of 27 points, almost half of the total points they earned in the period. The gap was narrowed midway through, only 12 points separating the teams. Brawlers again struck back and held them to only 2 points in the 7 remaining jams of the bout. Blockers, including MVP After School Special, held strong walls and delivered spirit-killing blows. MVP Brawler Jammer Whiz Bang shut it down in the final jam, scoring 9 points, and finished as the highest overall total scorer of the night.

As the dust settled a huddle of Brawlers would be seen chanting their name, proud of their victory earned as a team… Braw-lers! Braw-lers! Braw-lers!

The Push-Up Brawlers are in the home stretch of their second season and are currently 4-6. They next face the Crash Test Dolls in a highly anticipated away bout in Des Moines, Iowa on October 13th. This will be the third time the two teams have matched up and are dead even. Who will bring home the win this time?

-Dani DeBeato

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  1. Very nicely written, Ms. DeBeato.